USB Flash HuCard support

Software and drivers needed for the USB Flash HuCard for TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine can be downloaded here (drivers are not needed for Windows 7 and above, only software is used).

Are you having troubles with your USB Flash HuCard?

Are you using non-English version of Windows?

The software used for USB Flash HuCard is intended to work under English versions of Windows. Other Latin versions of Windows may also work fine like German, French or Dutch but others using completely different character encoding like Japanese or Chinese may not work (card will not erase or program). If your card is not working then please change your system language and system locale both to English (United States). If you are using modern versions of Windows 10/11 it can be changed pretty easily and the card was tested and confirmed to work fine after changing these language settings.

Is your card’s COM port COM10 or higher?

If you connected a lot of devices to your computer in the past the card may have assigned a high COM port number. Please keep in mind the software only supports port COM0-COM9 range but does not support COM10 or higher. You can check your card’s COM port in the device manager. In this case please change your port number to 0-9 range or change or delete other COM port devices from your computer. There is no easy or quick method for describing the steps needed so please search for tutorials on the web or contact directly for assistance.

My card erases and programs fine but does not work in the system

Are you sure you flashed your ROM file the correct way? If you are using TurboGrafx-16 then you just flash the ROM and leave the “Check to swap Data Bits D0-D7” box unchecked. If you are using Japanese PC Engine then before flashing the ROM the box “Check to swap Data Bits D0-D7” needs to be checked. Also files that are exactly 384KB need to be converted in the software beforehand (File->Convert ROM).

Sometimes the card does not work in the system because it just doesn’t make good connection. Please clean the card’s contacts and if that doesn’t work then please pull the card out of the system just a little bit (the same applies to other original HuCards as well).

My card still doesn’t work or I’m not sure if I did everything correctly or I don’t think I understand any of this

No problem. In this case please contact directly for assistance.