Famicom console RGB mod HVC-001 Nintendo Classic original FC AV RGB YPbPr comp. VGC no.1


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Up for sale is a Famicom Classic HVC-001 (old red & white version that accepts cartridges) original Nintendo console RGB & component modded!

Platform: Famicom (FC)/Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Region: NTSC-J 60hz
Connector: 60 pin
Condition: very good

This is the newer FF revision of Famicom Classic that has newer motherboard and better compatibility that is the same as in New Famicom AV

The console uses original NESRGB inside

This console is able to output these signals:
-RGB through SCART cable
-component YPbPr through a breakout cable
-composite AV through a breakout cable (not included, can be added for 6$)
-analog audio

Others reported this product is compatible with Framemeister Mini and described the picture as very sharp

Incognito Chip is an official Etim’s NESRGB installer

List of upgrades:

refurbished plastic to white/cream color (NOT PAINTED!)
RGB & component YPbPr 240p modded (can also obtain standard RCA AV video)
reduced interference and implemented better grounding
all faulty rubber contacts in controllers have been replaced with new ones
3 transparent stickers on the console have been replaced with new ones

New version of rubber contacts are included inside controllers. All controllers will have guaranteed perfect D-pad and diagonals, as well as all buttons!

No console's plastic casing has been cut or trimmed during the entire process

All buttons and functions in the console have been tested and confirmed to work fine! (Everdrive N8 FC version confirmed to work fine)

The console has original and compatible parts!

This console also has the microphone still functional

The eject mechanism has been removed and the eject button is locked in place and doesn't move due to the nature of NESRGB mod

The console also has the option to switch color palettes. To switch palettes press start+select+right in this order

List of accessories included:
-Famicom Classic HVC-001 modded console
-RGB (SCART) cable
-universal AC adapter input 100V-240V with high current output 9V 2A (EU plug)
-component YPbPr breakout cable
-stereo audio breakout cable

The only thing not included here is the standard 3xRCA or 5xRCA cable (it can usually be purchased at local electronics stores easily with different lengths)

This console can also output regular AV composite video. You need to buy an AV breakout cable to use it

I also have a few original used 110V AC adapters (US plug) that are dedicated to Famicom. If you are interested in that then please let me know and I can replace it

YOUR TV MUST BE CHECKED FOR 240p 60hz COMPATIBILITY MODE IF YOU WANT TO USE COMPONENT YPbPr!!! Please read instructions below if you want to use YPbPr:

To check your TV for 240p 60hz compatibility mode please do the following:
1.Use NES NTSC/Famicom or any old console that works in NTSC 60hz and uses RCA AV jacks
2.plug RCA video (yellow) to component Y (green) socket to your TV
3.IMPORTANT STEP: plug any RCA cable to component sockets Pb and Pr (blue + red) to your TV and leave the other end of the cable unconnected (IMPORTANT!)
4.plug any audio jacks from the console to your TV if there are any
5.turn on the component video on your TV- if you see black & white picture or any picture then your TV seems to support 240p mode/if you don't see any picture or see error messages then your TV does NOT seem to support 240p mode

You can also check your TV's manual and check if it mentions 240p component mode support

The console works in NTSC-J 60hz mode and your TV is supposed to be checked beforehand or support multiregion. Any claims or returns for incompatibility reasons described here will automatically be rejected

I can offer extra services to the console for additional charge:
-LED diode
-2m/6ft or 3m/9ft extended controller cables
-S-video addition
-Custom color palettes
-Reset by controller button combination

For more upgrade suggestions please contact directly

The first 6 photos are real photos of the console sold while the rest are stock photos

I offer 3 months of warranty & support for the console (not including the costs of postage in case of sending the console back from the buyer). Lifetime hardware support is also offered for this console whenever anything goes wrong as it can happen with any other device

For questions regarding the item, purchasing or assistance feel free to contact!

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Famicom console RGB mod HVC-001 Nintendo Classic original FC AV RGB YPbPr comp. VGC no.1 Famicom console RGB mod HVC-001 Nintendo Classic original FC AV RGB YPbPr comp. VGC no.1
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