BS Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Super Nintendo SNES PAL 4n1 region free



Title: BS Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets (4 weeks included in 1 cart)
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Region: PAL
Condition: very good
In-game language: English
Never officially released in PAL

All 4 weeks included in 1 cart!! When you push reset, the game resets like normal but if you hold it for 2 seconds and release it, the game switches to the next week

Basically all 4 weeks share the same save file so when you complete one week, you start playing the next one with all items you collected before!!

Good and reliable reset switching circuit!
Region lockout information: this specific cartridge is region unlocked, meaning it will work on original European Super Nintendo PAL but it WILL also work on Super Famicom NTSC and Super Nintendo NTSC-US as well!! Although in case of Super Nintendo USA, you have to use either a pass-through adapter or remove the tabs inside the console’s cartridge slot
This game also works on my Supaboy SFC console
1.Hold RESET button and turn the console ON
2.After the blue screen appears, release RESET button
All carts use original and 100% compatible parts and all front labels have clear finish!
All carts plastics are fully refurbished (not painted) and have no yellowing!
This game is intended to use on original Nintendo branded consoles described here only and I’m NOT responsible if this cart doesn’t work correctly on clone systems!
For questions regarding the item, purchasing or assistance feel free to contact!
-10% discount is offered for ordering at least 3 cartridges of any title for any system! (hardware/consoles do not apply)

Additional information


Very good


PAL (region free)


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