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When buying anything on this website you agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below.

We are refurbishing retro cartridges and consoles since 2014 and we have deep knowledge on hardware level of systems we manage. All products are tested before dispatch.

Incognito Chip is an official Etim’s NESRGB installer.

We are also open for product suggestions and more. If you have any ideas or questions please use “Contact us” page.

If there is any problem with your order, package or item(s) then please always contact beforehand so your issue can be resolved.

Installation services

IncognitoChip can also do installation services for retro consoles. Everything can be modded. Installation services are discussed and priced individually so please “Contact us“.

About cartridges

All cartridges are refurbished using existing cheap and otherwise useless cartridges unless otherwise stated. All cartridges are in at least very good condition. Some cartridges are built using all new parts or partially new parts. All cartridges are built or modded using safe and 100% compatible parts for old consoles and are extensively tested. No cartridges are resold from cheap import sources.

All cartridges have labels with clear and glossy finish, meaning they are immune to standard use and damages like fingernail scratches.

All cartridges are also applicable for -10% discount if you buy any of at least 3 cartridges. It can be 3 cartridges of the same title or 3 cartridges of different titles each or more. Platforms can also be mixed. For example you can buy 2x SNES/SFC cartridges and 1x Famicom cartridge and the discount will still apply. Discounts are automatically calculated and applied to your shopping cart if applicable.

Discount is not offered for consoles or hardware however. You can however get -10% discount for at least 3 cartridges if they fit inside the box along with the console.

Region information

Region is described for each item and is usually written as such:

  • PAL
  • NTSC-J
  • PAL (region free)
  • NTSC-J (NTSC only)

Each region is assigned to the hardware region and should be used with compatible hardware. There are some exceptions however. For example, SNES cartridge with region “PAL (region free)” means the cartridge’s electronic board is designed to work with PAL and every other SNES region console, meaning such cartridge will also work straight on Super Famicom and Super Nintendo USA (for SNES USA, the tabs inside the connector need to be removed since the cartridge’s shell doesn’t fit otherwise or any sort of pass-through adapter should be used). SFC cartridge with region “NTSC-J (NTSC only)” means it was tested and confirmed to work on all SNES/SFC NTSC console models but did NOT work with SNES PAL in any shape or form (while testing on SNES PAL, graphical glitches were shown or it did not work at all).

Another thing worth noting is that NTSC-US and NTSC-J regions are almost always cross-compatible with each other for many systems.

Compatibilities mentioned above refer to old original hardware and compatibility with clone consoles is not guaranteed.

On a side note, in case of SNES/SFC cartridges- several people reported that many SNES/SFC cartridges (even those with advanced chipsets) work completely fine on modern SNES FPGA consoles like Analogue Super NT. Another important thing to note is that all SNES/SFC cartridges currently sold are compatible with Supaboy S/SFC.

About consoles

Consoles are modded using safe and compatible parts which are extensively tested. Modding kits are obtained from original suppliers. Several consoles have special options for additional price like extending cables, reset from controller, LED light and more.

Unlike cartridges, consoles are listed individually and contain real photos and are usually assigned to their serial number (some units don’t have it but the majority of them do). This means if you want to order more than 1 console, you need to order each console from different links.

Consoles and accessories are not applicable for any discount and their price always stays the same, regardless of quantity ordered.


Currency used on this website is $US Dollar.

Currently PayPal is supported as a payment method. Traditional PayPal checkout should be available in your checkout page. Credit card payments powered by PayPal should also work but if there are any problems then you should sign up for a PayPal account and pay directly from your balance. By using PayPal you are covered by PayPal’s buyer protection. You may also be applicable for free return shipping in case you want or need to return your item(s). Please read PayPal’s Terms of Service for more info.

Update August 2023: credit card payment via Stripe has been added as another payment method! You can pay using your credit card by providing your credentials on the checkout page. You should be charged in $USD currency. Conversion rates from your bank account may apply if your bank account’s currency is different than US dollar.

Apple Pay and Google Pay should also work via Stripe.


Shipping is by Small packet tracked by post office. This is the standard and most reliable method out there according to price. All packages are shipped from Poland.

Small packet tracked goes by air and is limited to 2kg (4.4lbs) max. The system does not allow you to make an order above 2kg limit so in this situation please split your order into several packages. Shipping costs are calculated accordingly for your area.

Packages are sent as personal packages from a private address. You may not have to pay anything extra when collecting your package, however this is never guaranteed. In case your post office charges you for your package, you should cover these costs.

Packages are planned to be dispatched in 10 working days after receiving the payment. There may be delays in dispatching your package on busy times so please allow a few more days when this happens.

Estimated shipping times after dispatch for popular areas are shown below:

Europe1-2 weeks
North America2-3 weeks
Asia2-3 weeks
South America2-4 weeks
Australia2-4 weeks

Post office can only provide rough estimates and times may vary. Sometimes packages may also be delayed so please allow 1-2 more weeks when this happens. More detailed description and full country list may be added in the future.

DPD Courier is also available for European Union customers (excluding UK) and it should take around 2-5 days. Generally more recommended for larger items or if you want to get items faster.


Returns are possible for repair if your item doesn’t work properly. It is possible to return your item within 3 months after you received your package. Before sending the item back, please provide some information what is wrong with your item. Pictures are encouraged but not necessary. After that your item will be repaired and sent back to you or an identical replacement. If none of this possible then you will receive a refund. The return shipping costs from you to us will not be covered. Shipping costs back to you may or may not be covered by us, depending on the result. Even if your item broke after the 3 month period, it is still encouraged to contact and describe what went wrong and discuss the problem individually.

Please be informed that you will not pay for any repair costs if your item broke under normal use. For example if your cartridge/console stopped powering on one day, this is considered normal use and you will not pay for any costs or parts associated with the repair. However if you accidentally spilled water or drink on it or cause any damage inflicted by yourself, you will pay for the repair costs associated with that damage.


IncognitoChip.com collects feedback regarding products and encourages all costumers to share their thoughts. One reminder is sent after 30 days of completing the purchase and this is the recommended way to leave feedback. All reviews from customers get automatically published in their original form but we hold the right to remove them if they contain spam, racism, personal information or other content prohibited by law.

IncognitoChip stores

IncognitoChip.com sells everything currently available for offer. Selected items are also sold on Ebay. Ebay profile is named incognitochip (formerly incognito_chip_inside) and can be found here.